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    *New* SprayWand Stand
    Save space by storing drums underneath
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    Image 4
    PEM P-300 SprayWand
    Pretreatment Application System
  • SprayLean inline washer & pretreatment system
    Small footprint, modular, interchangable pod design
  • Drum Top gel and sealer/rinse pumps
    Image 4
    Image 4
    Heavy Industrial gel pump
    Sealer/rinse pump
  • Revolutionizing the inline washer
    Thousands of dollars less than traditional inline washer!


Welcome to PEM, Inc. The home for your metal pre-treatment needs. PEM has a long history of working with OEM's and job shops to provide the most technical and innovative pre-treatment equipment needs. PEM equipment allows you to provide high quality results with consistent repeatability. PEM equipment is designed for high volume production in harsh environments and has been proven to be dependable year after year.

Our P300 SprayWand is capable of injecting your chemistry downstream, at heated or ambient temperatures, at high pressure.

Our Drum Top Pumps are time saving, convenient and portable, making your job easier and allowing you to take the drums to your large trucks and equipment.

Our New SprayLean Inline Washing System offers finishers the high volume and low operating costs they need combined with a small footprint and flexibility not found anywhere else in the industry. PEM's SprayLean Inline Washer is designed to utilize today's environmentally friendly chemistries and react to constantly changing production demands.

In your manufacturing environment you need to react fast to change. PEM prides itself in providing you engineered products which are innovative, efficient, flexible and LEAN. When you need to think outside the box, think PEM.

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